HID ProxCard II Access Control Clamshell

Durable clamshell provides an infinite number of reads

  • Supports up to 26 bits
  • 125 kHz transmit frequency
  • Offers over 137 billion unique codes
  • Consistent read range
  • Resistant to cracking and breaking
  • Sequential matching internal/external card numbering (ink jet printed)
  • White with gloss finish front
  • Vertical slot punch for portrait orientation

This HID ProxCard II Access Control Clamshell is incredibly durable and is designed for continuous use. The card supports up to 26 bits and can easily fit in your wallet or bag and can be worn when secured with a clip or lanyard for convenient access. The card offers over 137 billion unique codes for security and is engineered to last. Minimum order quantity for this product is 25 pieces. Key Features: Proven, Reliable Technology The clamshell card has an extremely consistent read range and is unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions"”even when in close proximity to keys and coins. Convenient To Use The card can fit into a wallet or purse, and you can wear it with a strap or clip as a photo ID badge. Cross Referencing A cross-reference list correlating the sequential match of the external card number and the internal programmed ID number is provided for easy system administration. Secure The card offers over 137 billion unique codes for security. Built-for Long Life The passive, no-battery card is strong, flexible, resistant to cracking and breaking and allows for an infinite number of reads.

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